Bergmann Federation

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Main Corporations


The Bergmann Foundation is the primary recruitment corp for the alliance. Every player who's not sure about what he wants to do in the game will receive training and later will be split into other, more specialized Bergmann Corps.


Bergmann Industries is the industrial wing of the Federation. Everyone who wants to specialize in industry is welcome. The Corporation is also responsible for production as well as bargaining and selling of modules and ships for the alliance.


The Bergmann Navy is specialized in PvP and PvE. The Navy is responsible for the security and represents the primary military might within the alliance. They organize PvP Fleets in Null/Low or High-Sec as well as incursion fleets.


It is very important for us to act as a unit. We don't want to be an association of several corps. We want to act like a huge Mega Corporation. So the most important thing is solidarity. Every Corporation will be received with open arms. There will be no outsiders.


For all the members within the alliance, it's important to have a activities. So the alliance will always have goals in mind. We will always have something to work for. We dream big and work for that dream.


We don't want to get bored. We want to experience Eve in its full potential. And the more people we are, the more content we create. Every Corp in the alliance is responsible for the content the alliance provides. So as soon as a corp does something, they will be able to invite the whole alliance to take part in their plans.


If the industry corp wants to do a mining event - let's see how many PvP guys we will get into that belt. Same thing the other way around. The industry guys are free to participate in all PvP or PvE Events ongoing. And I mean ALL. Every corp shall interact with any other corp. Nobody will be excluded!


We are a PvP alliance. We are not an industry or carebear alliance. We want to do PvP and destroy ships as well as lose them. That's all part of it. The Killboard is secondary. What's important is fun while we PvP. Testing out new doctrines, feeding expensive ships or destroying shiny ships with cheap ones. Doesn't matter. We want fun while we PvP.

The Militia

We are a PvP alliance with a huge industry wing. So we want every miner and manufacturer to get trained in PvP and become capable of defending himself. Sure, we won't keep you indie guys from sucking that rock but if we have an emergency, everyone shall be able to defend what's ours.

The Concept

The Bergmann Federation is not like other alliances founded by relations between several corps but was forged with a concept starting from the very beginning. And it works! It's time to try something new in Eve.

The Brand

Bergmann is our brand - our pseudonym. People will hear this name and know who we are. Due to an already well known Youtube channel, we are able to promote the brand "Bergmann" in Eve quite well. We have video-editors and designers. We have a marketing-strategy.

The Bergmann Corporations

The Bergmann Federation was founded with the idea of founding several main corporations for itself. These three (for now) main corporations are the Bergmann Foundation, Bergmann Navy and Bergmann Industries. Each one of these corps has leadership of people we trust a 100% and people you can be sure will act in the alliances behalf.

There will be more core corporations in the future. But before that, we want to grow. Besides these Bergmann corporations there will be many individual corps. Those will of course keep their current leadership roles but they will become fully integrated in our alliance program. Every corp that wants to organize something, can and should invite the whole alliance. That allows us to generate a huge amount of content.


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